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Body Soul Wisdom Sessions

Jul 15, 2018

Jenny and I cover so much ground in this episode, from the trap of the weight loss industry to the socioeconomic challenges of eating high quality food to the balance point between weight loss and body positivity.  

I'm so glad you're here.  I hope you'll listen, learn and find some inspiration to tap into your fullest...

Jul 5, 2018

In this solo session, I jam on what it means to truly decide for yourself- to have #bodysovereignty and live on your own terms around health, vibrancy, food choices, body confidence and living a life you feel fully aligned with and alive inside of. 


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Jul 2, 2018

Tamara is clear, articulate and sharp voice for helping us all come to terms with the realization that the power to live how we want is ours and ours alone.  Outside forces can influence us, but the response we give is what defines the quality of life we experience. 

I love this conversation with Tamara because we so...